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Seafarers‘ Training Centre providing 45 training programmes for seafarers, inland water transport specialists and motorboat pilots.
  • For seafarers: courses in accordance with the requirements of the STCW Convention and Code and model programs; competency assessment examinations for ratings and senior seafarers; consultations for seafarers' groups >>>
  • For inland waterway transport specialists: training and refresher courses for pilots, rivers, mechanics and motorists >>>
  • For pilots and captains of motorboats:  >>>
The programmes are prepared according to the requirements of IMO conventions, Directives of European Parliament and Council, Law on Safe Navigation of the Republic of Lithuania, European Code for Inland Waterways etc. 
The programmes are prepared and renewed according to model courses of IMO and are accredited and approved by Lithuanian Transport Safety Administration. 
 LMA issues the following: certificates, which granted acknowledgement by the members of IMO worldwide:
  • Special certificates,
  • Certificates of marine rank qualification,
  • Certificates of Competency of the support level ratings, management level officer‘s or Master‘s marine ranks,
  • Certificates of Global Maritime Distress System (GMDSS) radio operators

The training courses are organized in modern simulators, classrooms and laboratories, where the newest equipment for educational purposes is used.


Information and registration 
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+370 618 198 90
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