Use these 7 steps to become an International Student at Lithuanian Maritime Academy:

Step 1. Entry Qualification.

Step 2. Application Documents.

Step 3. School transcript and diploma evaluation in Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education.

Step 4. Application Deadlines.

Step 5. Visa.

Step 6. Register to Studies.

Step 7. Join LMA community!


Step 1. Entry Qualification:

  • High school/ Secondary education (or higher).
  • Grades in Mathematics, English and/or Russian language.
  • The entry qualification documents are accepted in the English language.
  • Often you can get a suitable transcript from your school. If this is not the case, you will need official translations along with verified copies of the original.
  • Language requirements: english and/or russian.
  • Language proficiency – the level not lower than B1 (following the Common Framework of Reference for Language approved by the Council of Europe). 


Step 2. Application Documents:

  • Undergraduate students: copies of secondary education or high education diploma;
  • Certificate of your school transcript and diploma evaluation in Lithuania (For the Certificate apply to Lithuanian Center for Quality Assessment in Higher Education, A. Goštauto st. 12, LT-01108 Vilnius, Lithuania; for more information please check CQAHE);
  • Passport style photo;
  • Copy of your passport (last pages) or ID card (both sides);
  • A bank transfer confirmation of Application Fee of 50 EUR addressed to Lithuanian Maritime Academy (non-refundable). Attention: provide payment only with the consent of the LMA. 

 Payment details:

Lithuanian Maritime Academy
Registration code 190968670
address I.Kanto str. 7, LT-92123, Klaipeda, Lithuania
IBAN: LT127300010087958761
AB Swedbank

  • Fill-in the Application form HERE>>;
  • Signed application form and copies of application documents files must be sent by e-mail .


Step 3.School transcript and diploma evaluation of the Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education:

  • For the Certificate apply to Lithuanian Center for Quality Assessment in Higher Education, A. Goštauto str. 12, LT-01108 Vilnius, Lithuania; for more information please check CQAHE.


Step 4. Application Deadlines:

  • Application deadline – 31th of September, 2019
  • Additional admission for the citizens of EU Member States and the countries of the visa-free travel regime for entry into the Republic of Lithuania, as well as citizens of the countries requiring visas for entry into the Republic of Lithuania where there are Embassies of the Republic of Lithuania will be organized from 4th of September until 2st of October. 
  • Beginning of studies 1st of November, 2019.
  • To finish application it is obligatory to pay tuition fee. Procedures for paying fees are defined in the conditional letter and Agreement of Study between the student and institution.
  • Applicants should pay in advance a one study year tuition fee and send a bank transfer confirmation to International studies consultants by email
  • After receiving confirmation on the paid tuition fee, International studies consultants will send the mediation documents necessary for visa application.
  • If visa is refused, 100 percent of the tuition fee will be refunded, except for the bank transfer fee.


Step 5. Visa:


Step 6. Register to Studies:

  • International students are advised to arrive one week before beginning of studies in order to participate in Introductory Events.
  • Before arrival all international students shall inform by e-mail the International studies consultant about arrival date, time and place.
  • Upon arrival all international students shall present oneself at the Career and Communication Office, Room No. 211, I.Kanto str. 7, Klaipeda.
  • In case of failure to arrive until the above-referred time limit, all the documents issued by the LMA to obtain a permission for temporary residence in the Republic of Lithuania and to get a multiple visa D shall lose their effect.
  • Admitted students shall be responsible and take care of all travel documents on their own: passport, insurance and traveling expenses which are excluded from the Tuition Fee.
  • Students from countries with visa requirements should be aware of the time required to obtain a visa. Information can be obtained from Lithuanian Consular Offices.


Step 7. Join LMA community!

  • Living conditions: dormitory, price – 70 Eur per month (the price is revising every year). Address: Karklu str.2, Klaipeda.
  • The location is close to the LMA, in the centre of city.
  • Building of 12 floors, with elevator. Each of the 12 dormitories floors has 6 blocks (12 rooms,) and kitchen. In one block there are 2 rooms – double and triple, each room equipt with furniture and refrigerator, each block has a separate shower and a WC unit.
  • Please visit VOCAL (Vocationally Orientated Culture and Language) project website to get better prepared for your studies in Lithuania.